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PURC Best Effective Hair Heat Protectant Spray Protects Hair From Heat Damage Up To 450 Fahrenheit

Heat Protectant Spray for Hair-Effectively helps hair resist high temperatures of 240℃+/470℉, providing heat insulation protection to prevent hair from becoming frizzy and damaged due to high temperatures. Additionally, it is formulated with high-purity glycerin, marula oil, and other hair care essential oils, as well as unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-9, providing nourishment to the hair for a silky, soft, smooth, and glossy appearance.

Main Ingredient:Organic sclerocarya birrea seed oil,coconut oil,argan oil,protein

Product Benefits:Protects hair from heat damage, gentle moisturizing, anti-frizz and smoothing, long lasting smoothness for 3 days

Effects:Heat protectant, smoothing and moisturizing


Hair Types:All hair types.Suiable for blow-drying /straightening / curling coloring / exposure to sunlight

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